Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

Denver Lending has deep roots in financial coaching that goes far beyond smart mortgage decisions. Our mortgage loan consultants (loan experts) are for anyone looking to improve their financial health and better understand options available to them for a brighter future.

We help people in a variety of different financial circumstances. Our team likes to work closely with you to identify your goals and challenges in order to customize a plan that helps you achieve financial health. The majority of people seeking financial assistance are usually experiencing one of three main challenges that we help to overcome.

Financial Disorganization

You may be facing one of two very unique forms of financial disorganization. The first challenge that we often see is purely an educational matter. We find that there is a general lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to all the different pieces that go into your financial picture. An example of this may be helping our clients better understand the rate on their credit card or car loans.

The second form of financial disorganization is having multiple “advisors” with different and conflicting strategies. Our mortgage loan consultants (loan experts) aim to help people have all their financial decisions working in unison. We work to understand every aspect of your financial situation and take everything into account before we advise any aspect of your finances. This holistic approach means a more efficient and beneficial outcome for your financial health.

Understanding the True Cost of Living

Most people understand that the cost of goods and services are going up, but they may not fully understand how this increase has an impact on their personal monthly cash flow. The cost of living and inflation are increasing and we help you focus on the true cost of living and help you track and understand your cash flow.

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Financial Myths

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to personal finances. Many people follow this advice without looking at the numbers and how it may affect their unique circumstances. The software we use at Denver Lending helps us make decisions and recommendations based on numbers and facts that we can prove. We never take advice at face value without doing our own research first.

One financial myth that we do not believe in is that a 15 year mortgage is better than a 30 year mortgage. We very rarely recommend doing a 15 year mortgage and have the numbers to support this recommendation. This is just one example but list of new financial myths we hear every year goes on and on. We have the software to help educate you so that you can make an informed decision with one of our financial consultants.


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