Denver Real Estate Investment

At Denver Lending, we specialize in real estate investment loans. We help everyone, from experienced real estate investors to real estate beginners, purchase a number of homes as a way to build financial wealth for the future. When it comes to investment properties, our main goal is to help clients in the Denver area own five properties, free and clear, by the time they retire. This long-term strategy ensures a positive cash flow throughout retirement.

Our team at Denver Lending has an extensive background in financial coaching, planning and real estate investments with more than a decade of experience. Our team of professionals have been successful with real estate investment, both personally and as a business. We have proven time and time again that our strategy works, and we frequently adjust our strategy based on market research and local trends so you know that you are making the most informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.


Why is Denver Lending Different?

Our approach is different because our passion lies in your financial health and helping our clients to realize their potential, no matter what stage of financial growth they may be in. Some realtors trained in investing in real estate may focus more on selling a house than it’s potential as an investment property. We provide a customized approach that fits your needs and unique circumstances rather than throwing generic advice at you to figure out on your own.


What are the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate?

We believe in having a diverse portfolio that can withstand any market. When you build your real estate portfolio, you are building a stable portfolio that offers more control at a lower risk. Under our investment plan, renting your properties at or above the current mortgage allows others to build your wealth with the advantage of monthly income from your investment.


Where Do I Start with Real Estate Investment?

Investing in real estate is for anyone looking to diversify and build their investment portfolio! It can seem intimidating and we understand any fears you may have, but our consultants are with you every step of the way.

Under the guidance of our financial advisors and consultants, you will be able to target real estate properties that are a profitable investment bringing you closer to financial freedom. Our 5-in-10 plan works towards purchasing five homes in ten years. Within 40 years, you can have a debt free portfolio with an estimated net worth of $3,575,000!

In addition to helping our clients find the right loan, we also teach you leverage it which, if done properly, can help you buy property with little to no money down. One client of ours has over 60 real estate investment properties!

If you’d like to learn more about the great Denver real estate investment opportunities available give our office a call at 303.945.3962


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