Loan Process Aids & Guides

We have compiled a list of service providers that either we have dealt with or our customers or real estate agent partners have dealt with and recommend. If you need help around your property, give us a call, and we’ll see if we have someone on our list that we could recommend.

Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

The Pre-Qualification process is quick and easy, requiring only an application, credit score and a verbal statement of income. It’s a great way to help your real estate agent determine what price range you should concentrate on when looking for a home.


Cash on Cash Return

Cash on Cash return measures the annual return that you will get on an investment in relation to the initial investment made on the property (closing costs+ down payment). When comparing properties that will be used as future investment cash on cash return should be used as a measuring stick to provide an analysis on how the investments will perform.


Compounding Interest

This chart shows you the power of compounding interest. This is based on an initial investment of $10,000. After 30 years you can see the power of compounding interest and how important your rate of return is. There is a large difference between 3%, 8%, and 15%. What return do you want to get from your investments?


Client Questionnaire

This is an initial set of questions we like to review with all our clients. It allows us to understand how familiar the client is with mortgage process, what the client’s goal is for the transaction, and how we can help them long term to build financial freedom.


Cash Flow Tracker

This is useful for you to track your cash flow on a monthly basis. The goal of the tracker is to make sure every dollar is accounted for.


TCA (Total Cost Analysis)

This is a print out from our analytical software. It allows us to compare different programs side by side. This analysis allows you to be educated to choose a program that suites you best.


Initial Fee Worksheet

The Initial Fee Worksheet comes from our origination software. It allows us to show you all the fees included in the purchase of a new home, as well as a summary of your payment estimated payment.


Rate Watch

This is a bond chart which illustrates Fannie Mae mortgage backed securities. This chart is inverse to interest rates. As the chart goes up rates go down and vice versa. This chart is important to show that interest rates move daily and you will see rates fluctuate one day to the next when shopping for a home.

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Purchase Loan Process Chart

This chart will familiarize you with the home buying process. Each block on the flow chart is a major step in the home buying process. If you are a first-time homebuyer or your last purchase was prior to 2008 a lot has changed and there is additional oversight and regulations. Knowing the process prior to getting started will help you understand expectations and create a smooth buying process.


10 Questions

This is a list of 10 questions that we want every borrower to ask their lender. These questions are important for you to understand when choosing a lender and begin the home buying process.


5 in 10

This document is to get you thinking about home ownership as an investment vehicle to allow you to build long term wealth and create financial freedom.


Closest Thing to a Billboard

This is a promotional piece, this is a reminder that we get all our business from referrals. If we do not do a good job for you, you will not refer us to your friends and family and our business will not continue. It is our goal to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout the process.


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