Amy WardLoan Processor

    Amy started her career within the Mortgage Industry going on 3 years ago as a Mortgage Loan Processor. Prior to  stepping in the mortgage processing role, Amy worked in the Credit Union Industry for 12 years. During her employment  in the credit union industry Amy worked in multiple areas and positions which included Consumer Lending Loan Officer  and Business

    Account Specialist. Amy realized that she enjoyed being able to help individuals in all aspects of their financial  needs but really gained a sense of accomplishment when assisting individuals with their lending needs. This interest drove  her to pursue a career in the Mortgage Industry and gain new knowledge to further advance in her field. Amy started with  Denver Lending in May of 2015.

    Amy was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.

    Outside of work Amy is a mother of twins. Her son and daughter turn 12 this year and they are going into the 7th grade.  She enjoys spending time with family (which is the most important part of her life) and she is a big entertainment fanatic.  Besides enjoying bike rides with her kids, she enjoys movies, amusement parks, books, and video games.